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Give Your Partner a Break

When we give our partner the benefit of the doubt then we are trusting that they’re doing the best they can in that given moment. It allows us to accept that our loved ones are human and they may make mistakes. And they may not be thinking of our needs at every second of every day. (I mean, is that even possible or healthy? LOL)

For instance, if your partner forgets to do the dishes, maybe you let it go and think that perhaps they have been preoccupied lately and it wasn’t intentional. Or if your partner snaps at you maybe instead of snapping back, you pause and think about how they possibly had a bad day at work.

When we give the benefit of the doubt we are putting faith in the fact that our partners have our best interest at heart overall, but it may not appear that way in EVERY situation.

Most importantly it can be a good reminder that actions are not always intentional. When we invite in grace, understanding, and even forgiveness then our relationships can thrive.

**Disclaimer: this is not a one size fits all mentality and does not apply to relationships where abuse, coercion, or manipulation are present**

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