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As a mother myself, I know being a parent is hard work.  Which is why there is no shame in asking for help.  In fact, reaching out for guidance means you’re already a great parent.

Do you feel guilty because you don’t enjoy your child? Are you walking on egg shells in your own home? Do you feel as though your child is running the household? You are not alone in these feelings.  No matter how dedicated you are as a parent, sometimes it takes a special set of parenting skills to be effective with a difficult child.  I’m here to offer that. Let me support you in gaining control back in your home and most importantly, enjoying your child again.  I have worked with countless families and saw first hand these incredible transformations by using an evidence based modality called Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) which focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship and improving compliance.

 I specialize in working with children with oppositional behaviors, ADHD, autism-spectrum disorder, anxiety, anger issues, and school problems. Ask me about my availability currently for children! 

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